The Mediterranean, the Aegean, Black Sea and the sea of Marmara surround Turkey to the North, West and South. With over 8300 kilometers of coastline, Turkey is a treasure chest of coves, inlets, bays and beaches. The sailing paradise of Turkey is home to the famous Blue Voyage, as sailing in the Mediterrenean with a yacht is called. During this trip, travellers sail along the beautiful coastline and through the crystal clear waters which was once the medium of trade for ancient civilisations, into quiet bays, the harbors of small, picturesque villages and many historical ports. The historical and archeological sites offer unlimited opportunities to be discovered. There is no better way in which to appreciate Turkey's fascinating history than by water. The Anatolia, connecting Asia and Europe, has housed many civilisations , some of which had close contact with the sea and thus built their cities on the Aegean or Mediterranean coasts. Most of those cities have risen and fallen along with the whim of history. But due to the lack of highways, many of those ancient sites remain "undiscovered" and are thankfully still untouched. Even today, some of these coastal areas are only accessiable from the sea.

Sailing in Turkey also allows you to experience a truly rich cultural exchange with the hospitable and generous people of the coastal villages and towns. Whereever you may come from and however old you may be, after a week or two afloat in this scenic wonderland , you will become of one heart with the beauty and serenity of nature. Both body and mind will revel in this healthy, happy environment. Fortunately , Turkey's modern facilities and comfort have not overshadowed her ancient hospitality and slower pace of life. The pleasure of yachting in Turkey will tempt you back, again and again, to explore yet another stretch of coast and to relive the luxurious ease of life on the sea. A gulet is a traditional pine wood built yacht with a pointed fore and round aft. Each has one or two masts and are suitable for crusing . Our "Gulet" yachts accommodate 6 to 20 people depending on the boat's size , although most of them accommodate between 8 to 12 pax. Modern Gulets are comfortably equipped with all of the amenities of home and encourage an environment in which you are expected to do nothing but enjoy yourself.

Cabin Charter Yatch Charter
The more affordable way of taking the Blue Voyage, is to rent out a cabin in a pre - scheduled yacht, the usual duration of the cruise being one week. The more intimate way to enjoy the Blue Voyage with a pre-formed group, is to make a reservation for a private yacht charter.